Monday, 11 June 2018

Verawnika's Online Vegan & Raw Cakes: Review

When Veronika from Verawnika's got in touch about reviewing one of their cakes, I just couldn't say no! Having seen their cakes on Instagram (@verawnikas) and seeing their stand at this year's Free From Festival I was too intrigued to see if the taste was just as amazing as they looked. 

All of Verawnika's cakes are made from (as the name suggests) raw ingredients. The cakes are all 100% Vegan and are made from uncooked and organic unprocessed ingredients. All their cakes are made to order from scratch. They are gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, egg free, additive free and there's the option to go nut-free too if you wish. BUT, don't let all the 'free-from' qualities make you feel like you might be missing out on flavour because that is certainly not the case here!

If I'm completely honest, I wasn't really sure what to expect when I agreed to try this raw cake. It's not something I've ever tried before or opted for when out and about - I'm not even sure why, perhaps thinking that they would be lacking in flavour. Well, what I will say; is that I was very pleasantly surprised.

I was lucky enough to try the Raw Mango & Passion Fruit Cake (see full list of ingredients below*):
Before I go into full detail on the taste and flavour, the first thing I must address is just how unbelievably beautiful this cake was. Everything from the fresh fruit, mango roses and 'cream' swirls, to the little bit of greenery and the pretty little edible flowers. One word: Stunning! It's definitely eye-catching and would be the perfect show-stopper at any occasion - Birthday's, Weddings, Baby-Showers... You name it!

Upon opening the box I was hit with the most gorgeous tropical scent from the passion fruit and mango - If that doesn't entice you into trying a slice, I don't know what will...
After some serious time debating whether or not I could actually bring myself to cut into the cake and thus ruin the beautiful presentation, I took the plunge and cut myself a large slice. And once again, I was pleasantly surprised. I couldn't believe how creamy the middle layer was, you honestly wouldn't know it was dairy-free and that is quite an accomplishment in my eyes! The top layer was really fresh and fruity and once again the tropical flavours were really prominent. The base was crunchy and full of flavour from the nuts. All in all, one absolutely divine cake. I would 100% recommend this cake from Verawnika's to anyone who was looking for a truly special, indulgent and delicious raw cake. I have every confidence that the other cake varieties would be absolutely delicious too and I will certainly be placing an order for my next special occasion.**

For further details and information head over to the website > here and use code my exclusive code 'LittleLuxuryFoods' at checkout to get 20% off any order from their website - Offer valid until 31/07/2018.

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*Ingredients: Cashew (macadamia nuts), brazil nuts, mulberries, organic virgin coconut oil, medjool dates, organic Inga berries, passion fruit, mago, freeze dried passion fruit powder, pink himalayan salt, agar-agar, organic agave syrup (or carob fruit syrup), coconut cream. 

**All views and opinions are my own and are a true representation of my review for this product/service.


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