Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Crispy Fried Ham & Eggs

I'm always looking at different options for breakfast, especially anything involving eggs. This is nothing fancy and requires very little but it's super tasty, it's quick and it's easy.

What you'll need:

- Parma Ham slices - I used 3 and cut off the fat
- 2 x Large Eggs
- Good Hemp - Hemp Hearts
- Greens (I used Lambs Lettuce - Spinach would also be delicious)

How to make;

Quite simply heat up a small frying pan and place in the Parma ham and allow it to crisp up. There's no need to add any oil as the ham is very naturally fatty and creates it's own oils.
Crack the eggs into the crispy Parma ham and cook until nice and crispy with a golden runny yolk.
Sprinkle over with some greens and Good Hemp Hemp Hearts.

A one-pan wonder with barely any ingredients but so much flavour and will keep you feeling full until Lunch time. Delicious.


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