Monday, 29 January 2018

Roasted Carrot & Wheatberry Salad

Salads aren't just for Summer! It's easy to forget all about the throw together salad dishes when it's rather chilly outside and all you fancy is something comforting. But, popping some seasonal veg into the oven and mixing together along with some grains and fresh herbs is a great accompaniment to any dish or even as the main event!

What you'll need:

- Baby carrots
- Wheatberries
- Feta cheese
- Pomegranate
- Fresh Mint
- Olive oil
- Seasoning
- Lemon juice

How to make:
Pre-heat your oven to 180 fan.

> Place the carrots onto a baking tray along with a little olive oil to get those carrots nicely golden
> Microwave the wheatberries for the recommended time
> Mix together the carrots, wheatberries and chunks of feta. Then drizzle with a little olive oil, fresh lemon juice, pomegranate, chopped mint and season.
> Serve up and dig in!


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