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Cru8 Foods - Review

I've been a fan of Cru8 Foods since I first tried their macaroons (see below) at the Duke Of York Saturday market in Chelsea a few years ago now. I instantly fell in love with their Cacao flavoured macaroons and bought about 3 packets there and then... no shame, no judgement! I still love these macaroons to this date and am pleased to see some other flavours too, I particularly like their Pistachio macaroons.

So, you can imagine my excitement when Cru8 Foods got in touch with me and said they would like to me to try out some of their other products. I was particularly intrigued to try some of their savoury products as I had only ever know them for their sweet treats. All of their products are Gluten, Dairy, Wheat & Refined Sugar Free, they are also Raw, Low GI, Nutrient-Dense & Slow Releasing foods...

These Chocolate Chip Cookies are the latest additions to the Cru8 Foods range. They are gluten free, dairy free, raw and vegan! So, I think that ticks most boxes! I loved the flavour of these cookies, not too sweet or sickly and have a subtle coconut flavour throughout. I love the addition of the 70% dark chocolate chips - not too bitter and they are nicely dotted through the cookie so you get a piece of choccie with each bite. My only slight criticism is that they are very chewy. 

Cake loafs - Fig & Apple Paleo Loaf (Above - first 2 images) - With added Pip&Nut almond butter and also Brownie Loaf. These were my personal favourites - I just don't think you can beat a good squidgy piece of cake with a hot cuppa in the afternoon (or breakfast), and I really over-indulged by adding some almond butter too, which I highly recommend. Both loafs have a great texture, flavour and some crunch throughout from all the natural ingredients used. I loved how rich and chocolatey the brownie loaf was, tasted like the real thing. The great part about these nutrient-dense loafs is that you only need a small slice to keep you going and satisfy that sweet craving.

Similar to the sweet loafs above, this super seedy Original Paleo Bread and will keep you full for a long time, so it's a perfect way to start your day off. Again, I loved the crunch throughout this loaf from the nuts and seeds included. I loved this bread toasted and tried it both with savoury and sweet toppings - both were delicious! (Sweet: Dairy free chocolate spread topped with strawberries and bee pollen. Savoury: Smashed avocado with chilli flakes and lemon juice).

Finally, these Kale Crackers were delicious! Nice and thin and crunchy with a subtle kale flavour. I paired mine with some hummus which was a great combination. They are a great addition to a salad too, I crumbled some over some leaves for a crunchy crouton alternative.
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Want to get hold of Cru8 Foods for yourself? See a list of where to buy below and also check out their website here

Where to buy: 
'Barrecore' on the King’s Road and Cavendish Square locations
'Oliver’s Wholefoods' in Kew

Cru8 Deli, 9B Chelsea Farmers Market, London SW3

Feel free to comment if you have any questions about Cru8 Foods and let me know if you try out any of their products :)

*All views and opinions are my own and are a true representation of my review for this product.

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