Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Manor Restaurant Clapham - Review

Okay, so I never normally write about restaurants or my experience or meals at them but this just had to be done! I recently went to The Manor Restaurant in Clapham with my family over the Bank Holiday weekend and had the most delicious meal.
They offer a variety of different menus - A La Carte, a Tasting Menu at £47, Weekend Brunch as well as a specific Vegetarian Menu too. Pricing varies depending on what you choose but I truly believe the prices are reasonable (especially for London) and it is great value for money.
We went for the A La Carte menu so we could pick and choose exactly what we fancied from the menu - They recommend choosing a course from each of the different sections on the menu; Garden, Sea, Land & Dessert:

Courgette, Olive & Basil
Monkfish, salsify, hazelnuts, wheat sprouts & monk's beard
Pork, braised head, celery & sprouted lentils
Cornish rhubarb, fig leaf custard & coconut granola

Every single course was really tasty and totally different to anything I've had before. They really know what flavours work well together and compliment each other. Everything tasted fresh and light so you weren't left feeling stuffed or like you had eaten anything greasy (nothing worse!)

To see the full A La Carte menu click here
Location: 148 Clapham Manor Street, SW4 6BX 

Hope you liked this post and recommendation - let me know if you have any questions or want to see more posts like this :)

Love always,

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