Sunday, 19 March 2017

Well & Truly Gluten Free Snacks

Having already tried and tested previous Well & Truly products (previous post here about their Gazpacho) I was intrigued to see what their gluten free crisps were like. So, here's the verdict:

Gluten Free Tortilla Chips
What I liked about these tortilla chips was that they were so light and crunchy! They are 40% less fat than other tortilla crisps too and not greasy. They are lightly salted so are great for dipping into your favourite dip (spicy guacamole with fresh lemon on this occasion for me.) They make for a delicious snack but would also be a great accompaniment to a chilli con carne for example.

Crunchy Cheese Sticks
The first thing I noticed about these cheese sticks is the peculiar shape - Does anyone remember Nik Naks? Well, they reminded me so much of those; both in appearance and texture. I can however assure you that the flavour was much nicer! They are cheesy but quite subtle in my opinion, so, you're not left with that over powering cheese flavour after-taste or sickly feeling.

So, if you are looking for healthier gluten free snacks, check out Well & Truly. Available to buy directly on their website here, also available in Whole Foods & Tesco.

*All views and opinions are my own and are a true representation of my review for this product.


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