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La Belle Assiette: Dinner Review

When 'Private Chef' service La Belle Assiette reached out to me about hosting a dinner party, I couldn't resist! And quite frankly, I would have been mad not to have taken the opportunity for this great experience*. La Belle Assiette has over 750 local chefs in 5 countries and they specialise in bringing you a restaurant quality experience. How it works? Well, carry on reading and you'll find out...

The Service:
From start to finish the whole experience was absolutely brilliant. The booking process and menu choosing were all extremely smooth and professional. The chef called me 24hrs after I booked (a week prior to the occasion) to discuss the menu options and to ask about any allergy requirements - he was especially attentive to my dietary needs of being gluten free and made sure my dishes were all okay for me to eat. We also discussed what equipment/crockery I have at mine so he knew what he has to work with. The chef arrived an hour and a half before my guests arrived so that he could settle in, start with preparation and get to know his way around my (small) kitchen.

How it works:

-The chef buys all the ingredients
-They then cook in your kitchen
-Serve each dish
-Clean up before leaving

The Menu:

The starter was 'Chicken char sui dumplings' (mine were made using a gluten free pastry) which were served with arancini balls, crispy kale and a spicy dressing dressed with fresh dill:

The verdict: I really loved this dish and wouldn't necessarily choose it myself but I was pleasantly surprised. I particularly liked the arancini balls, they were filled with black pudding which I've never actually eaten before so it was definitely nice to try something new. The chicken char sui dumplings were delicious especially as it is always quite tricky with gluten free pastry (with the risk of it being quite dry), the chicken filling and spicy sauce were very tasty and had a great flavour. Crispy kale is always a winner for me so that was a nice touch!

The main course was 'Roast rump of lamb with spiced squash and cannellini bean puree, split green beans with a red wine reduction':
The verdict: If only you could have smelt this dish (I know that sounds strange but there is something about the smell of crispy bacon that you just can't beat!) I absolutely loved the puree, the texture and the flavour were exquisite - I could have eaten a bowl of that alone! The combination of crispy bacon and lamb; the textures complimented each other nicely with the crisp and saltiness from the bacon. We were asked how we would like the meat cooked by the chef, which was served medium as per our order request. The lamb was succulent and seasoned nicely, there was a fair bit of fat on the meat however which was a bit of a shame and made for the odd chewy piece. But, overall, it was a great dish full of flavour.

My favourite part of the meal, pudding! Which was a 'Plum and toffee crumble tart served with vanilla ice cream' served on a plate decorated with passion fruit and raspberry coulis and fresh mint leaves:

The verdict: As I've just stated above; this was my favourite dish of the whole meal but then again I do love a good pudding! The pastry case was delicious and of course gluten free too, the whole dish was honestly delicious - I just wish I had more room to finish it all. The plums were sweet and slightly tart which worked brilliantly with the toffee, crumble topping and the creamy texture of the ice-cream. Brilliant dish - I will certainly have to try replicate this very soon. 

The Overall Experience:

An evening to remember. A brilliant service on offer with 'restaurant quality' food as promised in their service values on their website. A great way to get people together for a special occasion or just a dinner party with a group of friends. Mother's Day is just around the corner so why not treat your Mum and family to a great experience in the comfort of your own home? (Booking details below)

La Belle have 3 different priced packages to choose from 'Temptation' = £39/guest, 'Prestige' = £59/guest & 'Signature' = £89/guest. For all details and how to book visit their website here

To find out more details about the chef (Tim Shenbanjo) who catered for our evening, please click here

*All views and opinions are my own and are a true representation of my experience.



  1. Wow sounds amazing - glad you had a good time. It looked great on your instagram story! I never even knew this was a thing! The prices are actually quite reasonable I think.

    1. Thanks Rach! Had a brilliant evening and was nice to actually not be the one cooking for once :) The prices are really reasonable and totally good value for money in my opinion. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. This sounds like an amazing experience Lucy!! Such a fab idea. Lucky you! xx

    1. Thanks Naomi. It was a great experience and one that I would genuinely recommend! xx

  3. Sounds amazing! Who were your lucky guests?! This is such a nice idea for a special occasion, especially with a great chef and no washing up afterwards...! Vx

    1. My lucky guests included my 2 housemates then I had 5 friends from school, it was a lovely group! It's a great idea and experience, completely stress free too - all I had to worry about was making the table look pretty haha and organising some drinks xx


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