Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Beating The Bloat

As like me, i'm sure many of you have read and heard lots about the what the different causes of bloating are. I am in no way a professional/ nutritionist / doctor of any kind but what I can share is my experience with how to beat the bloat. So here are my top tips!

- Exercise regularly: this can be as little as just going for a short walk. Keeping your body moving helps to keep everything else moving, including your digestion.

- Drink plenty of water: try to avoid sugary juices and squash. Try not to have fizzy drinks either (high in sugar and extra bubbles just don't help anything)

- Keep a food diary including how you feel and symptoms after eating. This way you can sensibly try to eliminate anything that may be causing the bloating. This doesn't mean cutting out gluten or dairy (even though this worked for me, it is not always the case for everyone and isn't always necessary).
What also seriously worked for me and has dramatically changed how bloated I get, was cutting out garlic and onion. It's surprising how much these 2 ingredients crop up in lots of different foods / meals. If you feel like it may be effecting you, start by cutting one out and if necessary cut both. Again, this is very specific to my digestion and experience so no need to change your eating habits if not necessary.

- Sleep, sleep, sleep - I always find after a bad nights sleep, or not enough sleep that my symptoms are worse. On these days I would recommend drinking plenty of water and eating relatively plain foods that aren't high in carbohydrates (like pasta or bread), they tend to make bloating or feeling lethargic worse.

- I personally don't drink alcohol but when I used to it would make me extremely bloated and I'd get tummy cramps. So, my advice on this one would be that if you think this may cause you bloating, limit the amount you drink and avoid the fizzy options (beer, mixers such as Coca Cola / lemonade etc).

I hope this was helpful and please don't hesitate to ask any questions!

Love as always


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