Saturday, 20 February 2016

Risotto, Greens, Tomatoes & Mushrooms

Sometimes all I feel like is a big bowl of comforting food that I can throw into a bowl and eat with a spoon. This is the perfect dish for just that and requires very little time and effort.

What you'll need:

-Paella rice (about a mug's worth)
-1 white onion
-2 courgettes
-1 punnet of mushrooms
-1/2 packet of green beans
-1/2 packet of cherry tomatoes
-Frozen peas (about a mug's worth)

How to make:

Boil the rice until soft; whilst that simmers away get all the veggies prepared. Start by dicing up the onion and place into a large hot saucepan/frying pan to sweat off. Add in some sliced up courgettes and the mushrooms and allow to cook for a few minutes. Add the rice into the pan with the vegetables, some frozen peas, the tomatoes and green beans. Add in a little water to keep things bubbling away and allow to simmer until all cooked down. Season with some salt and pepper and can even add in a little green pesto for some extra flavour.



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