Tuesday, 22 September 2015

It's Amazing What Food Can Do!

After 6 months exactly to this very day of writing this blog I have decided to share my progress with you on how I am feeling after having drastically changed my lifestyle & dietary needs. It has benefited me in a number of ways and ultimately changed my day-to-day life.

Of course at first it's tough to just cut things out and not be tempted to eat the things you know you shouldn't but that is where my will power has been tested to its extreme. I was the type of person that if I fancied something sweet or 'bad for me' I would go to my local supermarket and pick up multiple bags of chocolate and crisps; you know, the 'to share' kind sized and quite simply scoff them to myself. After about a 20 minute energy boost I'd then end up feeling so much worse than before having eaten them. Of course it effected me in other ways too, my skin got really bad, and although it is no-where near perfect now and I still get the occasional blemish, I have found that cutting out these two things in particular have made a noticeable difference.

Changing my dietary needs wasn't only so I could feel like I was living a 'healthy lifestyle' but it was to help me feel more energised and full of life again. I used to get home from days at work: grab something to eat, have a shower and be in bed by 7/8o'clock and as for weekends well there were times where I wouldn't even leave my bed or want to go anywhere. My point is, I used to feel constantly lethargic and all because of what I was eating, drinking and doing on a daily basis. After giving up gluten, wheat & dairy I started to notice that not only did I feel much better in myself, I wasn't as bloated anymore or in pain after eating, I also noticed a much higher level of energy. I wanted to do things, I wanted to go out and live my life properly, I felt like myself again. My friends even told me I seemed different, they said my skin was glowing and the most common phrase 'you look so well!' - whereas before I would be told I look extremely pale, tired and was constantly asked if I was feeling okay. 

A few of my friends have now told me they are considering cutting gluten & or dairy out of their dietary needs and as I told them I will say the same here: if you feel like it will make a noticeable difference to the way you feel after having eaten and in a general sense to your lifestyle, then I 100% think it is at least worth a try. At the end of the day, there is nothing to lose and if you feel no difference or impact then you can always carry on eating those things. Of course it is tough but it takes determination and commitment and really isn't as bad as it may seem. The biggest struggle for me was and sometimes still is when I go out for a meal with friends or family. I never knew what I could have but I found that most places were/are very accommodating to specific dietary needs. Every restaurant will have an allergen list showing you exactly what each dish contains. Usually staff are really helpful and can make suggestions on what you can have. 

It really is astonishing what food can do to the human body and how it can make you feel. I would never go back on the changes I made. It has honestly, (not being dramatic) changed my life for the better. I couldn't imagine eating the things I used to or the way I used to, going back to that just wouldn't be worth it and I could never risk it. 

So, lastly, I'd just like to say a big thank you for viewing/following my blog, I hope you continue to enjoy my posts and recipes. You can keep up to date with what to expect to see on here by following my Instagram page: @littleluxuryfoods .


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