Friday, 28 August 2015

Alcohol Free Lifestyle

'I don't drink' ... 3 words that when put together seem to strike the most interesting reactions. I wanted to share this blog post because having not touched alcohol for nearly 8 months now, I still find people's reactions to this to be extraordinary. So, I thought I would share some of my experiences & stories here with you.

Of course being a 22 year old and not drinking these days is just 'un-heard of' to most people and particularly with today's society expecting one to get absolutely 'off their faces' drunk, it is sometimes difficult to explain why I have chosen to do this. So let me explain; It is a health & lifestyle choice, drinking alcohol sends my heart-rate racing sky-high and when you have a high heart rate already, let me tell you now, it's not enjoyable in the slightest. Secondly, the hangovers are just not for me - it can knock me out for days and set off all sorts of symptoms connected to my condition, which again; not fun! I feel absolutely amazing for not having had alcohol and feel so much more energised.

Now, for some of my experiences when sharing this fact with others - be prepared! There's the typical reaction of: 'you don't drink? gosh, how boring' - to which my usual reply is 'I can still have fun without drinking copious amounts of alcohol' (which is totally true), usually followed by a judgemental look from them and that's probably where that conversation fizzles. I've got very used to those kinds of conversations, especially when going out with friends.
One of my most recent favourites has to be this next story which left me in absolute shock - So, I'm a single girl on the dating scene at the moment and of course have resorted to one of the most popular dating apps at the moment; Tinder. I matched with a guy, as you do, and we got chatting, he seemed nice and we spoke for a little while. I can't remember exactly how we got onto the topic but it was after a weekend had passed and he must have asked me if I was feeling hungover; to which of course my reply was 'no I'm not, I don't drink'. His response or lack of response should I say was unbelievable; he deleted me from his matches - I couldn't believe it, something so small and insignificant as not drinking alcohol made a guy not want to talk to me any longer!

Don't get me wrong I know drinking has become a social pastime and people get together for drinks as a social occasion but if we're being realistic here, it really shouldn't matter what one person is drinking compared to the other.

So, here's something I propose to you, Cancer Research UK are challenging you to a month without alcohol. All you have to do is give up alcohol this September and become a Dryathlete, register by 1st September and help raise money for an amazing cause. You can find more details on their page: - Try it for yourself and you will see the benefits of not drinking (even if it is just for a month), clearer head, more energised, healthier and of course it's so much kinder on the wallet!

Once again, I know this has been a slightly different blog post to the usual recipe post but I feel like it is a very important issue, especially to me and I hope you can relate in one way or another. Please sign up for the Dryathlon this September and try it for yourselves.


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