Thursday, 28 May 2015

Cookie Dough Bites

Cookie dough always reminds me of when I was little; it was always a miracle if any cookies were actually ever made. I would just usually eat the cookie dough as it was before even putting them in the oven. These tasty little cookie dough bites are my healthy / healthier take on something I used to love as a kid. Hope you like them!

What you'll need:

-100g Ground almonds
-50g 85% dark chocolate
-50g medjool dates
-20g Dairy free butter

How to make:

Place the dark chocolate into a food processor or chop up finely using a really sharp knife, then whizz the dates up, add in the ground almonds and butter. Make sure it has all mixed together nicely, then simply spoon out bite-sized pieces and roll into balls. Perfect for a sweet pick me up and also great with a hot cuppa or coffee.



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