Sunday, 10 May 2015

Apple, Blueberry & Raspberry Breakfast Stew

I sometimes struggle with what to have for breakfasts every morning as I like to have something quite filling and usually fairly sweet too. This fruity breakfast 'stew' is so yummy and takes minutes to make and could even be made in advance and heated up again or eaten cold.

What you'll need:

-1 red apple
-a handful of fresh blueberries
-Fresh raspberries
-A splash of water
-A squeeze of agave nectar/maple syrup/honey (Whichever you prefer)
-Gluten free oats

How to make:
Pre-heat your oven to 190 fan

Chop the apple up into small chunks, removing the core and remove the skin if you prefer but I kept it on for extra texture. Place in a non-stick saucepan along with the blueberries, agave nectar/syrup and water. Allow to simmer for about 6 minutes or until the fruit has softened. Whilst the fruit simmers, place a small baking tray of oats mixed with a little honey into the oven for a couple of minutes.

Once everything has cooked and is ready, place the fruit into a bowl, topped with some raspberries and the cooked oats. Optional - add a dollop of soya yoghurt or coconut yoghurt.
Have a nice day!



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