Saturday, 21 March 2015

Pear & Raspberry Crunch

Breakfast time and it's a healthy one to kick off a Saturday morning.

I love waking up and creating something that is fresh and healthy but also something that will fill me up until lunch time. My Pear & Raspberry Crunch is a new creation inspired by the Pear & Raspberry Crumble I made for Mother's Day last Sunday - I enjoyed the combination of the two fruits together so much I thought it would be great as a breakfast dish.
So here it is:

-1/2 a chopped up Pear
-A handful of fresh Raspberries
-Gluten Free wildflower honey Granola (By the brand 'Udis')
-Pear Puree (Easy to blitz some pear into a blender or can be shop bought ready-made)
-Flaked Almonds (Optional, for the topping)

So simple to make and it only takes a couple of minutes to chop up some fruit and add some crunchy sweet granola. This is also really yummy if you leave the granola to soak up the pear puree for soft oats.



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