Saturday, 21 March 2015

Light Lunch

Lunch time already? That came around fast.

Today's lunch is quick and easy and of course very tasty. I love a salad that's full of hearty ingredients with different textures and plenty of colour.
For the base of this dish I used the pre-prepared 'Nutty Rice Salad' (gluten free) from Waitrose which includes wild rice, cashew nuts, flaked almonds, sweet cranberries and a delicious vinaigrette dressing. To which I added wild rocket, some soft avocado and roasted sweet potato chunks. Although the base of this dish is pre-made it's perfect to add to as I have here with some of my favourite ingredients. It's great to mix up all the ingredients in a big bowl, serve some up for your lunch and there's always plenty leftover for tomorrow's lunch or as a side salad with some meat or fish.

Can't wait to sit outside with a big plate of this in the sunshine...Hurry up Summer!


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