Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Courgette Curls

Times when I just feel like a big bowl of fresh greens; courgettes are my instant go to. I try to avoid simply reaching for a bag of salad as it just isn't very exciting and usually leaves me feeling hungry still afterwards. This crisp and crunchy bowl of greens may seem very basic (which essentially it is) but it tastes great!

What you'll need:

-Wild Rocket
-Peas (Petite-pois are best as they are sweeter)
-Black Olives
-Pine nuts
-Olive Oil
-Prawns (Optional)

How to make:

I used a little gizmo to create the curls which can be bought on this website: or can be found in Harvey Nichols stores. Alternatively, using a peeler would work just as well to create ribbons of courgette - simply press firmly onto the courgette with the peeler and peel from top to bottom. Once you have your courgette prepared, add some rocket, cooked peas, sliced olives, a sprinkling of pine nuts and a drizzle of olive oil. This dish is also seriously tasty with some prawns thrown on top. I chose to have the courgette raw but slightly sauteed is just as nice too.




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