Friday, 27 March 2015

Apricot, Pecan & Oat Cookies

Fancy a spot of weekend baking?
Well, I have created just the thing you will want to try. Super sweet apricots, chunky pecan crunches and soft oats all combined to create a delicious cookie that is perfect for an afternoon snack for those of you with a sweet tooth, but would also be great crumbled up into some dairy free yoghurt with a dollop of apricot compote for breakfast.

What you'll need:

-100g soft large apricots
-100g gluten free oats
-150g pecans
-70g dairy free butter
-1tbsp maple syrup

I used a blender to create this mixture but it can be done using a sharp knife to cut the pecans and apricots, you may just end up with a chunkier mixture but that's okay. If the mixture doesn't stick together to create your cookie shapes, you can either add some more butter or more maple syrup to help bind it together.

How to make:
Pre-heat your oven to 180 fan

Place the pecans into the blender and blitz until they are roughly chopped up, but not too much or it'll turn into a flour consistency - once you have done that, remove the pecans from the blender and pop them into a bowl for the time being.
Then blitz the apricots, making sure you have relatively large chunks of apricot to use. Then add the pecans into the blender with the chunks of apricot, add 2 handfuls of oats and the maple syrup as well as the butter - pulse the mixture so all the ingredients combine. Empty the mixture into a mixing bowl with the remaining oats (I added these later so they didn't all get blitzed earlier), then mix thoroughly.
Finally, take about table-spoon sized portions of the mixture and shape into a cookie shape.
Place onto a non-stick baking tray and bake for about 15 mins or until the edges have turned golden brown - keep an eye on them as they cook, you don't want any burnt oats.
Leave to cool for about 10 mins, then tuck in and enjoy.


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